MARCH / April Calendar  2015 

(Updated - 4/1/2015)








MARCH  1st
NDAC 1-3 13B, 18R
NDAC 5:45-816P18B  
NDAC  7:10-9:10  16R
GG  12-1:50  12G
GG  1:45-3:45 14B
15R 6-8  see David
  Tmt: Davenport 14P. Marion 15B. DBQ 15G. XRds16B 17R.  17B Grimes
Specialty Pr
SC 5:30-7:20  13G, 13P, 13B, 14G, 14P, 14B

SC 7:20-9:20  14R, 15R, 16R, 17B, 18R
3 SC  5:30-7 13G, small groups
Specialty Pr
SC 7-9  15G, 15B, 16P, 17G, 18B  (16B/17R)

StP5:30-7:10 11
StP6:50-8:30 12g
4  SC 5:40-7:30 12B, 13G, 14R

SC 7:25-9:20  15R, open court

StP 5:40-7:30 15G
StP 7:25-9:20  16B

GG 6-9 17G/18B
5   SC 5:40-7:30 13P, 14G, 14B

SC 7:25-9:20 14P, 15B, 16P

Wk 6:30-9  16R, 18R

GG  7-9  17B
NDAC 5-6:50 11s, 12G.

NDAC 6:45-8:50 12B, 13B
Tmt:CCA 11s 12G  Bettendorf 14R.  Iowa City 14G.  Center Point 17G

15R GLC Power League  SUNDAY only - not Sat

8     StP 3-5  13B
NDAC 5:30-7:25 17R,        13P/14P 
NDAC 7:25-9:20
Tmt: Waverly 13G. CCA 14B. GLC PL 15R  Bettndrf 16P. Coe in CR 17B. Marion 18B.  Sterling, IL 16R
18R 7-9 see David

Specialty Pr
SC 5:30-7:20 13G, 13P, 13B, 14G, 14P, 14B

SC 7:20-9:20 14R, 15R, 16R, 17B, 17R, 18R
10 SC 5:30-7 12B, small grps  

Specialty Pr
SC 7-9 15G, 15B, 16P, 16B, 17G, 18B

StP5:30-7:10 11s
StP 6:50-8:30 12G
11  SC 5:40-7:30 12B, 14B, 14R

SC 7:25-9:20  15B/15R/16R/17R

StP 5:40-7:30 13G
StP 7:25-9:20 16B

GG 6-9 17G/18B
12   SC 5:40-7:30 13P, 14G, 15G

SC 7:20-9:20 14P,  16P,  17B

Wk 6:30-9  small group,  18R

14R, 14B, 15B leave for St. Louis
NDAC 5-7 12B, 13B

NDAC 7-8:50 11s, 12G

Tmt: MEQ 3day 14R, 14B, 15B
14   NDAC 2-4 cancelled

GG 2-5 17G

Tmt: Hwy 1 12B 13B, 13P, 14P.   14G Center Point.  MEQ 14R,14B,15B. Marion 15G.  GLC PL 18R
15  StP  1:15-3:30 16R
StP  2:45-4:45 17R
NDAC6-8 15R/17B/18B

Tmt: CR 12G. MEQ 14R, 14B, 15B. Daven- port 16P.  GLC PL 18R

16  Last week of
Specialty Pr
SC 5:30-7:20 13G, 13P, 13B, 14G, 14P

SC 7:20-9:20 16R, 17G, 17B, 17R, 18B, 18R
17    SC 5:30-7  12B small grps

Specialty Pr     SC 7-9 14R, 14B, 15G, 15B, 15R, 16P, 16B

StP5:30-7:10 11s
StP6:50-8:30 12G
18  SC 5:40-7:30 13G, 14R

SC 6-8 17G/18B

SC 7:25-9:20 16R, 17R

StP 5:40-7:35 15B
StP 7:25-9:20 17B
19  SC 5:40-7:30 13P, 14G, 14B,

SC 6:30-8:30 15R

SC 7:20-9:20 16P 14P,  18R

16R, 17R leave for Indy.   (no Wk)
20  NDAC 5-7  11s, 12B/12G
NDAC 6:45-8:50 13B

Tmt: MEQ 3day Indianapolis 16R, 17R
StP 1:45-3:45 16B

Tmt:  Clinton 11s. Des Moines 12B.  MEQ 16R, 17R
22 (SC cancelled 12-2)
SC 2-4  13P, 14P, 14G.
4-6 15B, 16P/18B, 18R
6-8  14B, 14R, 17B.
Tmt: Sterling, IL 11s. CR 13G. Clinton 15G.  Des Moines 15R. 16B Marion. MEQ 16R, 17R.  Davenport 17G.

SC 5:40-7:30  12B, 13B, 15B

SC 7:20-9:20       18R,  14P,    small group

SC 5:30-7:25
13G, 14B, 16R

SC 7:20-9:20  15R, 16P, 16B

StP5:30-7:10 11s
StP6:50-8:30 12G
25  SC 5:40-7:30
 13G, 14B, 14R
   (18R see David)
SC 7:20-9:20 15B, 15R,  17B/17R

StP 5:40-7:35 13P
StP 7:25-9:20 15G

GG 6-9 17G/18B

26  SC 5:40-7:30
12B,  13B, 14G

SC 7:20-9:20 16P, 16R, 17B 

StP  7-9  16B
(no Wk)

27  NDAC 5-7 11s, 12G

13G leaves for KC
28 Tmt: Regionals  12B, 13B, 14B, 14R, 15B, 15R, 16P, 16B, 16R, 17B, 17R, 18B, 18R.  Iowa City 12G.  Clinton 13P. KC Qual 13G. Davenport 14G
29  SC 2:45-4:45  14P, 15G,  17G 

Tmt: Regionals 12B, 13B, 14B, 14R, 15B, 15R, 16P, 16B, 16R, 17B, 18B, 18R. KCQual 13G.  IC West 13P
30  (no Scanlon)
NDAC 5:30-7:30  14G
NDAC 7-9  16B, 17B

Tmt:  KCQual 13G
31  SC 5:30-7:25  11s/12G/12B, 13B-till 8pm

SC 7:20-9:20  14B, 15R, 16P

StP (cancelled
 APRIL  1st

6-8 18B

SC 7-9 15R 16B 17B

GG 6-9 see coach for exact time 17G
StP 7-9 15Gold
2   SC 6:45-8:45   13P/13G/14G/14P

13B, 15R, 17B leave for Chicago
16P, 18B leave for KC

Wk/StP cancelled
3NDAC 5-7 11s

Tmt: Windy City Qual 13B, 15R, 17B.  Show Me Qual 3day 16P, 18B
Tmt: Fairbank 11s, 12G.    Windy City Qual 13B 15R 17B Show Me Qual 16P, 18B
5     EASTER!
(NO practices today)

Tmt: WindyCityQual 13B,15R, 17B.   ShowMeQual 16P, 18B

SC 5:30-7:30 13P, 13G, 14G

SC 7:20-9:20 15G, 14R, 16B

SC 5:15-7:10
11s,  12G/B,
1 more team?

7-9 14B, 16R, 2 more teams?

SC 5:30-7:20 13G, 15G, 1 more team?

SC 7:20-9:20 14G, 16B, 17R

GG 7-9 17G

9   SC 5:30-7:20 12G/B, 13P, 14G

SC 7:20-9:20 14P, 14B, 14R, 16R

StP 5:30-7:30 11s
 (Wk cancelled)


Tmt: Regionals Des Moines 11s, 12G, 13G, 13P, 14G, 14P, 15G, 17G
12  SC 12-2
SC 2-4
SC 4-6
SC 6-8 14R, 14B
Tmt:  Regionals DM 11s, 12G, 13G, 13P, 14G, 14P, 15G, 17G

13  16B,

14R (late)

14  11s, 12B,

14B, 16R

15  16B

14R (early?)

14B (late)

16   16R

14B,14R leave for Minn
Tmt: NLQ 3day in Minn 14R, 14B.

11s, 12B

Tmt: NLQ 11/12s?, 14R, 14B. GLC Pwr Lg 15R?

19       (16R 2-4)
Tmt: NLQ 14R, 14B. GLC Pwr Lg 15R?
20  16B
21 11s, 12B,
14B, 16R late
22  16B, 16R, 17B
23  14B late

16R, 16B, 17B leave for Minn
24  11s, 12B
Tmt: NLQ 3day in Minn 16R, 16B, 17B
Tmt: NLQ 16R, 16B, 17B

SC-Scanlon Gym (Mercer Aquatic Center) 2701 Bradford, IC; BL - Borlaug Elementary 1000 Kennedy Parkway Coralville; SE-SouthEast Jr High 2501 Bradford, IC; GW - 1930 Lakeside Dr, IC;  FCC-First Christian Church 900 Lincolnshire Blvd, Coralville; NDAC-North Dodge Athletic Club 2400 North Dodge St, IC; WK-Wickham Elementary 601 Oakdale Blvd, Coralville; StP-St Patrick Church gym 4330 St Patrick Drive, IC; NW-NorthWest Jr High 1507 8th St, Coralville.  HC-Heritage Christian Church gym 255 Hackberry St North Liberty 52317; Sand Cts - Oakdale Blvd, east of 1st Ave, Coralville. GG-Greg's Gym  2427 Hwy 6 NW, Tiffin (about 2 miles west of CCA High school) there's a sand court in the front yard, then a big gray house, and Greg's gym is in the backyard.

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